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The Donor Match program is a completely discreet program, Art is not informed of those who intend to donate or intend to see if they are a match. His insurance covers all the testing required and there are multiple stages one must go through in order to be certain they can be a positive match for Art as a kidney transplant.

Art is currently on the UNOS living transplant donor list. If you would like to inquire about more in-depth information regarding the paired donation program, visit their website here.

Art can only accept blood types of A or O, B blood types are not compatible. If you wish to learn more and how to get in contact to begin this process, please fill out the form below and we will contact you further.

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For more information regarding the Organ donor program California has Organ Donor leave as law for employees. California Law (SB 1304) states that employers with 15 or more employees must provide employees who choose to donate an organ or bone marrow with paid leave. The information below applies to ORGAN donation only. Contact your employer for specifics regarding their organ and bone marrow donation policy.

Organ donors must be provided a leave of absence of up to 30 business days in any one-year period. For purposes of these leaves, a “one-year period” is 12 consecutive months from the date the employee begins his/her leave; not one calendar year.
The employee must take the leave to donate an organ to another person. The employee must provide you with written verification of the need for donation leave. The verification must state that the employee an organ donor and that the donation is medically necessary.
“Employee” means a person who has been employed by the employer for at least a 90-day period immediately preceding the beginning of leave, if otherwise eligible for leave.
An employer can require an employee who requests leave for organ donation to take up to two weeks of accrued paid sick, PTO or vacation time. After that, or if the employee does not have any accrued time, the employer must provide paid leave up to the time limits provided. You must treat an employee who takes donation leave as though he/she had remained at work.
During organ donation leave, employers are required to maintain and pay for coverage under a group health plan for the full duration of the leave in the same manner that the coverage would have been maintained if the employee had been actively at work during the leave period.
Organ donation leave cannot be taken concurrently with the California Family Rights Act. CFRA provides employees 12 weeks of leave for bonding with a newborn or adopted child, caring for a family member with a serious health condition, and/or caring for the employee’s own serious health condition.). The Labor Code also states that organ marrow donation leave cannot be taken concurrently with leave under the FMLA. This means an employee who take time off for organ donation leave is still entitled to annual CFRA and FMLA (to the extent they qualify for such a leave).
An employee can take organ marrow donation leave in one or more periods of time.
Rights of Employees Related to Organ Donation Leave
Employers must reinstate an employee returning from organ donation leave to the position he/she held when the leave began or to a position with equivalent seniority, benefits, pay and other terms. Employers can refuse to reinstate an employee if the reason is unrelated to the exercise of rights under the donor leave.
Employers cannot terminate, fine, suspend, expel, discipline or discriminate against an employee who takes organ donation leave or who opposes illegal practices related to organ donation leave. Employees can bring a civil action in superior court to enforce the organ donation leave.
Employees who need to take time off to donate an organ may also be protected under state and federal laws against disability discrimination.
Employees cannot lose benefits that accrued before the date on which the leave began.