About Art

With dedication and focused training, Art Calvert achieved his young childhood dream of being drafted to the New York Yankees. More passionate than anyone about baseball, this was a true accomplishment and exemplary demonstration of what hard work could produce. After his baseball career, Art served as a police officer with the San Diego Police Department for 20 years, where in the latter part of his career, he was assigned to a special detail primarily responsible for the protection of the San Diego Mayor Sanders.

art_nyUnfortunately, in 1994 both of Art’s kidney’s failed. They were only operating at 10% while on dialysis. Art had developed renal kidney failure, a disease that prevents the filtration of the toxic chemicals in the blood stream. Art’s mother was gracious at the time of his diagnosis to be tested to donate her kidney to him, which doctors told him would last 15 years.

In 2008, fourteen years and 6 months after receiving his mom’s kidney, Art’s health began to fall ill again. He was rushed by doctors to put a shunt in his arm to start hemodialysis, but before this his compassionate and loving sister Charlotte donated her kidney to Art. This donation gave Art another 8 years until renal kidney disease once again began to take its toll.  Unfortunately, due to this disease Art is once again in need. No matter what kidney Art receives his body will always treat it as a foreign organ and attempt to fight it, so Art regularly takes anti-rejection medicine to slow the rejection process down.

His current condition requires Art perform peritoneal dialysis and has a shunt in his stomach. He requires 3 exchanges a day, two which are performed mid-day and one at night. Art is required to be hooked up to his machine for 9 hours at night during this treatment, which begins at 10 PM and commences at 7 AM.

The dialysis treatments are physically exhausting and take away the ability for Art to perform many of the common things we take for granted. As a father of two, he is unable to go for a walk with his kids, go to the store and purchase basic necessities or even socialize with others. This is why we hope as a family and community we can pull together and obtain the much needed resources to support Art.

Art’s sister Charlotte has once again come to his aid as care giver while Art is left to his faiths fighting for his life and kids, Aiden and Lia, everyday.

As a strong supporter of our community himself, Art has been with the San Diego Police Department for over 20 years. We are now reaching out to our community to seek help in all the ways we can. During all of this personal struggle, Art had to utilize his long-term disability option from the San Diego Police Department. This benefit will soon be depleted and we are fundraising in order to get the message out about our dear friend.

Art needs not only financial help, but needs a new kidney as well. He is currently on the UNOS Living Transplant waiting list. If you would like to consider being tested to see if you would be a match or if you know someone else who would be willing, please contact us. We are convinced, that together, we can make a difference and help Art through this fight.